This website uses cookies. Most websites use this. Our cookies aren't used to identify you personally, they are here to make the site work better and to allow us to analyze how it's being used.  You can delete these cookies as you wish, but some aspects of the website may not work properly without cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are a small text file stored in your device by your internet browser when you visit a website. In most of the cases the cookie will store the website URL, your IP Address, preferences, and when necessary your login information from the website. This is to keep your user logged in, and to compare this information with the website server to serve you better.

Cookies will store the data that you have input on the website. They will not search your device for personal data. Sometimes cookies can be used for your protection, like to prevent someone for trying to brute force your account password or when you have chosen not to see some kind of content on the website.
These cookies are used to improve your experience on the website. They will remember your preferences on the website and keep track of your input, so this can help you with forms, shopping carts or website login, and also optimize your navigation on the website.
Other cookies can be used for social and content sharing, multimedia content and also third party advertising if available or allowed on the website.
Advertising cookies may keep track of your navigation on the website, and keep a record of keywords to later present you more advertising based on your navigation. Not all websites use advertising cookies.

You can use or setup your browser to delete cookies or not to accept cookies. But remember some cookies are necessary for the good functionality of the website, and without them the website will not work properly.

There are different types of cookies:
Session cookie, that will be erased after you close you browser;
Persistent cookie, that will remain on your device for a pre-defined period of time.
Both can be deleted manually.

You can get these cookies as first-party or third-party.
First-party are the cookies set by this website to aid you and improve your experience within the website.
Third-party cookies will be set when the website uses third-party mechanisms to offer your a better experience such as an embedded Youtube video, a Facebook like, share button, Google analytics, etc.
Remember that the website will not send you third-party cookies if it is not using third-party tools. And in some browsers you can set the privacy definitions not to accept third-party cookies.

To learn more about cookies and how to manage them, visit

List of Cookies Used (under revision)

Remember that you can always use your browser settings to delete, block , allow cookies, and in some cases to block third-party cookies.

Useful links regarding browser privacy and cookie settings:
Firefox - How do I change cookie settings?
Opera - Cookie Tips and Settings
Internet Explorer - Delete and Manage Cookies

If you use other browser please check the browser's page for help with the privacy and cookie settings.

Always remember to have your browser updated to the latest version, so you can have a better security during your web browsing experience.